Welcome to Kathy Sale Website Design & Marketing Solutions! We are a full-service website design and marketing company that has been serving local businesses since 2005. The founder, Kathy Sale, began building websites for small businesses in the local area and quickly gained a reputation for providing high-quality services at an affordable price. How can we do this and stay in business? The simple answer…our overhead expenses are not the same as having office space inside a building somewhere. We work out of my home office and travel to meet with clients face to face and also via Zoom meetings when clients are located further than our driving limits. Therefore, we can offer you high-end services you can afford. We’re not looking to get rich, seeing your satisfaction and of course the agreed upon payment for our services is enough for us.

Over the years, we have expanded our services to include WordPress website design, content writing combined with SEO practices, VPS hosting plans, and website maintenance services. We understand that every business is unique and has different needs when it comes to their online presence. That’s why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Kathy Sale is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. Whether you need a new website designed from scratch or want to improve your existing site’s performance, Kathy has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

One of our specialties is content writing. We incorporate AI into our writing skills to ensure that your content is not only engaging but also optimized for search engines. This means that your website will rank higher in search results, which can lead to increased traffic and more sales.

At Kathy Sale Website Design & Marketing Solutions, we believe that quality doesn’t have to come at a high price. We offer affordable services to local businesses so that they can compete with larger companies without breaking the bank.

We take pride in our work and strive for excellence in everything we do. Our mission is simple: To help businesses succeed online by providing them with the tools they need to reach their target audience and grow their customer base.

Thank you for considering Kathy Sale Website Design & Marketing Solutions for your website design and marketing needs. We look forward to working with you! Contact us today or book an appointment with Kathy. You’ll be glad you did!